A unique feature of the CIVSEC 2018 Innovation, Science & Technology Conference for National Security is the CIVSEC 2018 Pitchfest.

This is an opportunity for industry innovators and researchers working in the civil security domain to showcase their work to potential partners and customers.

The CIVSEC 2018 Pitchfest will see some 17 Australian innovators each deliver a 3-minute ‘pitch’ in rapid succession to an audience of potential government agency, industry and research partners, customers and funding sources. The participants are listed below.

Organised by Industry Defence and Security Australia Limited in conjunction with the National Security Science & Technology Centre, the CIVSEC 2018 Pitchfest will be held on Tuesday 1 May from 2.45pm – 3.45pm, and Wednesday 2 May from 1.30pm-2.30pm in the Innovation Theatrette in the main Exhibition Hall.

A panel of judges will award prizes for the Best Innovation and Best Presenter. These will be presented on Wednesday 2 May at 2.30pm as part of the CIVSEC 2018 Innovation Awards ceremony, also to be held in the Innovation Theatrette. The Awards will be presented by the Chairman of IDSAL, Vice Admiral Chris Ritchie AO (retired).

The CIVSEC 2018 Pitchfest is open to all Exhibitors, Trade Visitors and Conference Delegates.


CIVSEC 2018 Pitchfest Participants

Name Company Topic
Peter Moon BALTECH Replicate Human (Training) Simulation
Dr Vaughan Shanks CYDARM Technologies Integrated Cybersecurity Operations: CYDARM
Gary King Universal Drones The cost of LIFE
Andy Bull Nova Systems Remote-area Video: from Drone to Decision-maker with VIDEO-SENSOR-SATCOM automation
Alec Umansky Defence Communications Industry (DCI) Modern Data Links Over Copper Cables or simple and effective alternative for network infrastructure, saving costs to 90%?
Stephen Bell Intelligent Security Integration Rapid Scout surveillance system
Andrew Musinov Mira Technology Mira Robotics - UAV technology
Glenn Newnham CSIRO Spatial Modelling of Bushfire Risk Exposure
Dr Paul Gardner-Stephen Flinders University 1. Serval Mesh - shared-use resilient communications system
2. Secure mobile communications - security (and affordability) through simplicity
Luke Percy-Dove Risk Dynamyx Security Risk Management
Dr Diana Hansen Walter & Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research Species Sanitation - Malaria Control
Linus Chang Scram Software Prevent data breaches with a formidable last line of defence
Peter Padd Bitwoke Secure Edge Analytics for IoT Devices
Amani Ibrahim Deakin University Predicting Critical Data Breaches with AI Powered Solutions
Dylan Kendall Zirkarta Real time data driven disaster resilience.
Jordan Kendall Silvertone Electronics Silvertone UAV

For further information on the CIVSEC 2018 Pitchfest please call Mr Craig Butler on 03 8344 3513 or email: