The winners of the inaugural CIVSEC 2018 Industry Innovation Awards were announced at the Melbourne Exhibition and Convention Centre on Wednesday 2 May.

Five Innovation Awards were presented at CIVSEC 2018, along with two High Commendations. They include  a computer tool designed by DST Group and the University of Melbourne to predict the outbreak and spread of potentially devastating disease pandemics; a mobile surveillance system developed by Melbourne SME Intelligent Surveillance Integration that integrates Wi-Fi and ‘cloud' storage to provide rapid protection of both remote sites and major public events; and a cloud-based software tool developed by Adelaide-based Fivecast that can search open-source, unclassified data to identify and assess potential risks of terrorist or criminal activity. The full list of winners is below.

A total of 11 Australian innovators from industry, academia and the R&D community were shortlisted for these prestigious National awards across five categories.

The awards were developed by the national not-for-profit Foundation Industry Defence and Security Australia Limited (IDSAL) to recognise and reward those Australian companies and individuals who are innovative in how they tackle the humanitarian and security challenges we all face.

"Australians have always been inventive, lateral thinkers and we've shortlisted 11 companies and individuals from across Australia who have demonstrated these qualities in the service of their communities and the nation," says CIVSEC 2018 CEO Ian Honnery.

"Innovation isn't just about having good ideas – it's about putting good ideas to use. We are delighted to be able to recognise the contributions and the aspirations of individuals and companies that want to be game-changers, and to help them along part of their innovation journey."

The Award winners were all presented with trophies, while the winner of the SME Innovation Grant for Civil Security received the prize-winner's cheque for $15,000. All 11 Australian innovators shortlisted for the Innovation Awards were featured in a special Innovation Awards Showcase adjacent to the Theatrette on the exhibition floor at CIVSEC 2018.

Innovation Award Winners

CIVSEC 2018 National Innovation Award for Civil Security
DST and University of Melbourne (VIC)

CIVSEC 2018 SME Innovation Grant for Civil Security
Intelligent Security Integration Australia (VIC)

CIVSEC 2018 Innovation Award for Cyber Security
WINNER: Fivecast Pty Limited (SA) which has developed a cloud-based, automated software system, called Fivecast Insight, that can read open-source, unclassified data platforms such as social media, identify and assess potential risks and then summarise the assessment in a series of charts and graphs. Investigators can access these risk assessments from their desktop via a browser; Fivecast Insight is already being used operationally or trialled by a number of law enforcement and other government agencies.

HIGH COMMENDATION: DroneShield Limited (NSW) whose Drone Gun Tactical is designed to disrupt potentially threating drone operations. This is a major enhancement of the Drone Gun deployed at last month’s Commonwealth Games in Brisbane to protect athletes and the public from potential drone attack.

CIVSEC 2018 Innovation Award for Physical Security & Policing
WINNER: Intelligent Security Integration Australia (VIC) which has developed the Rapid Scout mobile surveillance system. This uses a network of lightweight, battery-powered sensors with an encrypted wireless communications link that can be set up rapidly and discreetly and send imagery back to a mobile or static control centre. The cloud-enabled system can store unlimited amounts of imagery and audio data and integrate video content analytics to enhance the value of the imagery.

CIVSEC 2018 Innovation Award for Disaster Relief, Emergency Management and Humanitarian Services
WINNER: DST and University of Melbourne (VIC) who have developed EpiFX and EpiDefence, two software-based epidemic models that are capable of predicting accurately the outbreak and spread of infectious disease outbreaks. They are already being used operationally by a number of Australian state governments to predict influenza outbreaks up to eight weeks ahead.

HIGH COMMENDATION: Zirkarta (ACT – formerly Burnology) whose cloud-based information sharing system ensures that emergency responders and fire fighters are always operating off the same maps and that these are all updated simultaneously, in real time.


The winners were presented with their awards by the Chairman of IDSAL, VADM Chris Ritchie AO, during a ceremony at the CIVSEC 2018 Congress.

For enquiries about the Innovation Awards contact:

Gregor Ferguson - Executive Manager, Industry development
Mobile: 0414 803 717

Philip Smart - Executive Manager Corporate Communications 
Mobile: 0438 311 644


CIVSEC 2018 Innovation Award for Cyber Security - Shortlist

  • DroneShield Limited (NSW) – Drone Gun Tactical to disrupt potentially threating drone operations
  • Fivecast Pty Limited (SA) – Automated collection, storage and analysis of high-volume open source information
  • Ditno Pty Limited (NSW) – Visualisation system for monitoring server traffic flows and implementation of uniform security policy
  • Huntsman Security (NSW) – High-speed cyber attack detection and automated threat verification to eliminate false alerts and accelerate threat resolution


CIVSEC 2018 Innovation Award for Physical Security & Policingy - Shortlist

  • Intelligent Security Integration Australia (VIC) – mobile, Wi-Fi and cloud-enabled surveillance system
  • AGICS (QLD) – global, rapid drone incursion reporting tool


CIVSEC 2018 Innovation Award for Disaster Relief, Emergency Management and Humanitarian Services - Shortlist

  • DST and University of Melbourne (VIC) – novel methods of surveillance and prediction of disease outbreaks in real-time.
  • Zirkarta (ACT) – cloud-based, automatically updated, shared mapping system for fire and emergency services
  • OPSTAR Pty Limited (NSW) – Search and rescue and aviation safety system
  • Holmwood Highgate (QLD) – Deployable, extremely rugged fuel and water tanks able to be handled by both military and civil container-handling equipment
  • Flight Safety Foundation Limited (VIC) – Basic Aviation Risk Program (BARS) for drone Operations Standard