Conferences, Seminars and Symposia

CIVSEC 2020 will host a comprehensive program of international conferences, seminars and symposia organised and delivered by distinguished thought-leaders in the civil security domain.

These forums will be presented by government and non-government organisations, strategic think-tanks, industry, research bodies and academic institutions from Australia, the Indo-Asia-Pacific region and around the world.

Delegates will include senior government and NGO officials, policy-makers, professionals, practitioners and specialists in fields ranging from border security to humanitarian relief and emergency services, from search and rescue through to ship and aircraft operations, biometric technology and counter-terrorism.

The program will address the core topics of disaster relief, civil and community safety, cyber security, the smuggling of people and contraband goods, the increasing importance of bio-security, and the vital importance of multi-agency and multi-national liaison and cooperation.


  • Humanitarian Assistance & Disaster Relief Conference and Panel Discussion
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection Conference and Panel Discussion
  • Cyber Resilience Conference and Panel Discussion
  • Corrective Services Emerging Technology Working Group meeting
  • Unmanned Systems Conference
  • Simulation Conference