Careers forums to help bolster the capability
of the civil security workforce.

Industry Defence and Security Australia Limited will be conducting two "civil security" careers forums during CIVSEC 2018:

Cyber Security Careers Forum - Tuesday 1 May 2018 (Time: 10am – 12noon)

  • Overview of the industry career opportunities
  • Recruitment and career advice from leading government cyber security agencies

Law Enforcement Careers Forum – Wednesday 2 May 2018 (Time: 10am – 12noon)

  • Recruitment and general duties career advice from Victoria Police, Australian Federal Police and Australian Border Force, Defence Recruiting

Eligibility to Attend

Attendance at the CIVSEC 2018 careers forums is free-of-charge but places are limited.

Accreditation and pre-registration are required.

To qualify for accreditation to attend, applicants must be at least 18 years of age and :

  • an undergraduate, or postgraduate, University or TAFE student undertaking a tertiary course in Australia in engineering, sciences, security, technology or management, who demonstrates a serious interest in pursuing a career in the civil security sector (and related high-technology industries) and, in particular, cyber security, policing, border protection and defence, or
  • a person with transferable skills developed through applicable experience in the work-place who demonstrates a serious interest in a career change to the civil security sector (and, particularly, cyber security, policing, border protection and defence).

Attendees at the careers forums may also visit the CIVSEC 2018 exhibition and attend sessions of some of the CIVSEC 2018 conferences subject to availability.


All attendees will need to apply for accreditation and register online.

In the accreditation process, applicants will need to provide information, satisfactory to the organisers, that they possess the qualifications referred to above.

Online registration opens February 2018.

Places are limited.

Dress Code:

A strict dress code applies.

The required minimum dress standard is neat, smart casual business shirt (short or long-sleeved, and preferably a tie for males). No denim jeans, no T-shirts, and no shorts are permitted.

Please note that persons may be turned away due to failure to adhere to this dress standard.

It is likely that careers forum attendees may establish a better impression with exhibitors and other CIVSEC 2018 participants if appropriately attired in business dress.