Promoting Industry Development

A platform for exchange of ideas and showcasing technology, capability and equipment.

CIVSEC 2020 is one of the activities of an Australian national not-for-profit group, comprising Industry Defence and Security Australia Limited (ABN 31 091 148 837), Aerospace Australia Limited (ABN 63 091 147 787) and Aerospace Maritime Defence and Security Foundation of Australia Limited (ABN 97 003 774 838).

In addition to CIVSEC 2020, members of the group also conduct the Land Forces International Land Defence Exposition in Brisbane, the Australian International Airshow and Aerospace & Defence Exposition at Avalon, the Pacific International Maritime Exposition in Sydney and the RotorTech Helicopter and Unmanned Flight Exposition in Brisbane.

Like Land Forces, Avalon, RotorTech and Pacific, the CIVSEC International Conference and Exhibition is held biennially and its mission is to promote an international forum for engagement and the exchange of ideas as well as an international platform for the showcase of technology capability and equipment.

Aerospace – Maritime – Defence – Security