At no time in human history have the imperatives of civil security and community resilience been more challenging.

The protection of people, communities, cities, resources and infrastructure has become increasingly complex and demanding in an era of growing urbanisation.

By 2025 Asia will have more than 30 cities with populations of more than 10 million people. The growth of such “megacities” has led to heightened risks as well as expanded opportunities. Environmental, resource, infrastructure and community protection have become increasingly demanding. Never before have the demands of preserving civil security and building civil resilience been so acute.

Australia and the Indo-Asia-Pacific region, and indeed the world as a whole, face complex environmental and security protection challenges as a consequence of increased urban concentration and rapid social change.

In Australia, seventy five percent of the population live in urban centres, with sixty percent residing in major capitals. Such concentrated pools of people create larger and more pressing civil security challenges, but also irresistible economic opportunities. Big cities provide workforces, economic drivers and motivate commercial expansion. Conversely, they increase the risks faced from the spread of disease, the impact of natural disasters, environmental emergencies, terrorist attack and infrastructure breakdowns…